Law Enforcement Endorsements

(full endorsement list here)

Carol Moses is proud to be endorsed by the Madera  Police Officer's Association, the Madera County Deputy Sheriff's Association and many other Law Enforcement Officers including Sheriff Jay Varney, and retired Sheriff John Anderson.  (see complete list of endorsers here)

We have not, and will never pay for endorsements.   You may have seen a flyer recently called the "COPS Voter Guide".   This is purely a "pay for play" sheet that will put anybody's name on there if you simply give them the money to do so.  COPS is NOT affiliated with any Law Enforcement Agency.   I was approached by them but refused to pay to be put on their flyer.   On the other hand, both the Madera POA and the Madera County DSA contributed to my campaign.   Just thought you should know the whole story.




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